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General galvanizing plant & equipment

Resting on longstanding experience in galvanizing wires, FIB Belgium offers complete general galvanizing turnkey plant and related equipment focusing on zinc consumption reduction and optimized logistics.

Our approach is customer centric

  • Analysis of your range of steels to be galvanized
  • Determination of the best fit for purpose galvanizing furnace
  • Design of the plant including lifting cranes
  • Formulation of various proposals and in depth discussions to achieve your targets

Optimization30 pourcent save ZN

  • Reduction of your zinc pick-up
  • Study of the logistics for high performant workforce and layout.
  • Study of the pre-treatment processes for adequate use of chemicals
    FIB Belgium will take into account your CAPEX & OPEX in order to assist you raising your business plan accordingly.
  • Reduction of your running costs
  • Flux regeneration



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