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  • Brussels on the 22nd of March 2016

FIB BELGIUM SA is proud of its 80+ years of activity & honored to announce multiple orders worldwide in WIRE/STRIP section


FIB BELGIUM SA is proud of its 80+ years of activity & honored to announce multiple orders worldwide in WIRE/STRIP section        

In the tire cord sector: in Czech Republic with KISWIRE Group for a new patenting line, soon in Vietnam commission a new patenting line for HYOSUNG, 2 other orders for patenting with polymer quenching for 2 leaders in the tire cord industry.

The rope production is also on the move:  our long term customer SONG-HO, Taiwan, placed order for 2 patenting-pickling lines for both bright & galvanized wire for their rope division, the modernization includes our latest version of ‘Ecoquench’ fluid bed to replace the existing FIB quenching fluid bed that was commissioned in 1998.

In France, STAL (WOLF GROUP) with the modernization of their FIB patenting line, the furnace, commissioned in 1961, is most likely the eldest FIB furnace in operation and still fully operative. FIB BELGIUM SA will upgrade this furnace and replace the quenching lead bath.

Other regular customers around the world confirm their full satisfaction in FIB equipment & services, with new & repeated orders such as:

GERDAU Group who ordered a new ceramic zinc bath; GANTOIS CLOTURES (France) has ordered a new annealing furnace and the upgrade of the zinc bath; DRUMET LINY I DRUTY, Poland, too, for a new ‘Ecoquench’ fluid bed and pickling baths; VOEST ALPINE AUSTRIA has chosen FIB Belgium SA for the modernization of their galvanizing line.

FIB BELGIUM SA will soon commission the two new lines ordered by FUNDICIONES DE ACERO ESTRUCTRURAL, Mexico, one for low carbon wires and the second for high carbon.

After a patenting furnace for SEVERSTAL-METIZ, FIB Belgium SA has been chosen by GRANDLINE and AEMZ (Abinsk) to supply galvanizing line.  MMK-METIZ grants FIB Belgium SA with the order for two patenting, pickling and coating lines for their rope division.

FIB is also entering the batch galvanizing market and especially the small parts sector where ceramic zinc bath with immersion burners offer various advantages and substantial gas saving. Up to date, FIB Belgium SA has more than 100 operative immersion burners in Russia off 450+ worldwide.

With 29 lines delivered and successfully commissioned in Russia and CIS countries, FIB is far the leading supplier on this market, with all necessary TRCU and ROSTECHNADZOR certification and an experienced Russian speaking staff.

FIB Belgium SA, unbeaten quality & reliability- Ahead Together!

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